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Why We Love Stile Libero

Reed Harris - Stile Libero

Stile Libero is inspired by the sedimentary rock Ceppo di Grè, which has been part of the Lombard architectural tradition since Roman times. Its extensive use as a building stone or decorative architectural element can be attributed to its durability and weather resistance. The name derives from the word “Cepp”, which in the Milanese dialect means rock with pebbles. In the early 1900s modern production methods arrived at the Gré quarries. This lead to an increase in the availability of the material. The warm tones of the grey Ceppo di Grè were widely quarried from the Stump of the Adda and the Brembo. Nowadays the stone is only extracted in the province of Bergamo, on the north-western shore of Lake Iseo.

Reed Harris – Stile Libero

Production of Ceppo di Grè was at its peak in the mid-century and this stone has become synonymous with modern architecture of the period. Our Stile Libero range of porcelain floor and wall tiles, faithfully reproduce the pebble marking of Ceppo di Grè. The three shades of warm grey are all derived from the original stone variations.

Reed Harris – Stile Libero

Stile Libero has tremendous charm that easily pairs with a wide variety of design ideas. From the ever popular Scandi-chic, to the authentic mid-century right, this range is the perfect choice for you. This commercial quality porcelain much like the stone it derives its name from, will certainly withstand plenty of wear and tear. Given that the translation of the name is Freestyle, this really is a finish with endless possibilities.

What works with Stile Libero?

The world is your oyster as far as we are concerned with Stile Libero. Here are a few of our top choices that will sit comfortably with the pebbled stone effect looks of Stile Libero.

Stile Libero meets Cozy

Reed Harris – Cozy

An informal pairing that uses the contrast of material finishes. Both Stile Libero and Cozy have an inherent warmth to the colour selection giving this collaboration an inviting and laid-back feel.

Stile Libero meets Materia Viva

Reed Harris – Materia Viva

This pairing has a strong mid-century feel, with the warmth and markings of the stone look contrasting beautifully with the linear veneer of Materia Viva. Use them on walls or floors and compliment them with a vast array of paint colour or wallpaper.

Stile Libero meets Bolle

Bolle is a wonderful hand glazed wall tile with a crystalline flair in the glaze. The depth of colour in the glazes creates a contemporary craft look which is grounded perfectly by Stile Libero.

Now you know why we love Stile Libero, we hope you have fallen for it too. Find sizing and technical details for Stile Libero on our website, where samples are available to order.