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Why We Love Monochrome

Reed Harris: Gone

We’ve written a lot lately about how to utilise colour in your design scheme but something that shouldn’t be forgotten is how impactful a monochromatic colour scheme can be. Not only is it actually hugely versatile but also effortlessly timeless. Here’s a few tips on how to use monochrome in your design.

When it comes to interiors, monochrome has always had its place. During the art deco era it was all the rage and now with many revival schemes coming out, we’re seeing a modern twist on the early century design style. A sure fire way to elegance, monochrome can include using tones of grey along with bold contrasting black and whites. Use our metro tiles to create a series of horizontal lines the sweep around the room, enveloping you in a dramatic scene. Change it up for vertical lines and mix in tones of grey to create a slightly three dimensional effect that’ll be hard to forget!

Chevrons can also be very impactful. Again our metro tiles are perfect for achieving this look. Change the spacing to vary the intensity.

Reed Harris Basic

Finally geometric forms are always a great way of creating a statement. Our Gone tiles are superb choice here. With the wide range of shapes available, you can create exciting monochromatic geometric patterns that are entirely unique to you. Go wild and have some fun with it!