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Why we love Materia Viva

Reed Harris: Materia Viva

Using Veneer is a method in woodworking to make the use of rare woods more economical. Early examples of veneer were used by the ancient Egyptians, who used expensive and rare wood veneers over cheaper timbers to produce furniture and sarcophagi.

Reed Harris – Materia Viva

Materia Viva takes the markings of Zebrano veneer and brings them into the 21st century on a medium sized porcelain hexagon. Veneer would never be a practical finish to have on the floor or even use in wet areas. This compact trio of colours makes the look available in places where it would not normally possible. The nature of the pattern twinned with the hexagonal shape make Materia Viva a great choice for making smaller spaces feel larger. There is no grid effect with grout joints and the markings mix and distract to make a blanket of pattern.

Reed Harris – Materia Viva

This may not be an obvious choice when seen as an individual tile, but this ten-pattern mix could very well be the best choice for your next tiling project.

What works with Materia Viva?

There is something of a Mid Century air about Materia Viva and popping an Eames Lounger on top will only cement this look. There is a freedom to the ‘Living Matter’ which needs a little grounding with the other finishes around it, so here are three of our favourite ideas for pairing with this vibrant wood effect.

Materia Viva meets Modernist

A wonderful patterned match for a thoroughly modern affair in the modern tradition. The bold terrazzo looks of Modernist balance the linear strokes of Materia Viva perfectly. Neither of these tiles are shy and together they sing with a mid-century modern edge. Need Mid Century inspiration? Look no further.

Materia Viva meets Brooklyn

Reed Harris – Brooklyn

Our glossy wall tile Brooklyn works beautifully with the medium sized hexagon. Brooklyn contrasts Materia Viva in both texture and finish with its bumpy gloss surface. An easy and comfortable pairing, Brooklyn can be fixed to the wall in a variety of layouts with herringbone still a favourite in smaller rooms.

Materia Viva meets Cliffstone

Reed Harris Cliffstone

Cliffstone makes a great neutral choice with its gentle limestone markings to allow Materia Viva to stand out as a feature. With both tiles being suitable for either wall or floor, the possibilities for fitting these two together are boundless.

Now you know why we love Materia Viva, we hope you have fallen for it too. Find sizing and technical details for Materia Viva on our website, where samples are available to order.