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Watches of Switzerland Regent Street

Designers: Callison

Location: London

Watches of Switzerland’s new flagship store at 155 Regent Street in London opened in July 2014. The three-story, 17,000 square foot store offers the largest selection of watches in Europe including luxury brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe and Jaeger-LeCoultre. The overall design was created by Callison’s New York and London offices who collaborated closely with Watches of Switzerland to create an environment that would appeal to a wide range of watch buyers from watch enthusiasts to connoisseurs and collectors.

The Watches of Switzerland Regent Street store is not just about luxury and service,” says Design Director Tom Pulk, of Callison’s New York office. “The intent was to create an intelligent retail environment that offers an immersive retail experience with a theatrical element—catered to each of the distinct client types.”

Watches of Switzerland is designed as a multi-tiered retail experience, three stores in one. The lower level, the Calibre Room, is designed with a sophisticated international traveller in mind and houses more than 20 watch brands. Light and bright, the space juxtaposes Isola Calacatta marble flooring with stainless steel and walnut fixtures. The ground floor is lined with six boutique showrooms from some of the world’s finest luxury brands for the watch connoisseur. Upstairs lies a sumptuous VIP lounge with smoky marble floors and jewel-toned carpeting and furniture.

Technology plays a key role on every floor. Large display panels showcase product and a touch screen timeline á la Minority Report invites shoppers to interact with historical content. A bespoke glass elevator and wraparound staircase of marble, glass and metal transport customers between floors.

All the marble finishes were supplied by Reed Harris who worked directly with Watches of Switzerland and Callison on a 10 month contract to provide stone to exacting standards of quality and finish. “Having a direct relationship with Callison and Watches of Switzerland presented us with a fantastic opportunity” comments James Reed Sales Director at Reed Harris “they had a very clear image of what they wanted to achieve so that gave us real direction for the stone selection. We did two trips to Carrara in Italy to choose the actual marble slabs and let The Client and Callison really understand and appreciate the stone prior to fabrication”.

Three stones were selected for the different floors within the store, to ensure a very different aesthetic was achieved in each area. All the stone was fabricated in Italy under Reed Harris’ supervision and then carefully shipped to London for delivery to Regents Street.

“Landmark is a more than a watch store,” adds Gerald Allbury, Callison Principal in the London office. “It is a store as precisely engineered as the Swiss timepieces it represents. ”