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Warm Tiles For Winter

warm tiles for winter

At Reed Harris, we’ve always been huge fans of natural materials such as stone and wood (and their porcelain alternatives) as a superb way of adding warmth to a space.

These kinds of materials bring numerous benefits to any home, and we previously mentioned this, too, in another blog, which looked at biophilic design, or the offering of a reconnection with nature through the use of naturally sourced or nature inspired materials.

Thankfully, nowadays there’s a fantastic wide range of products available which will bring warmth to a home without the cost usually found with stone and wood options.

With our warm tiles for winter, you can start to create a super-cosy space that you will love coming home to.

Here are some of our products that allow you to do just that:

Stile Libero

This offers very ‘busy’ stone markings in three shades of warm grey. The vibe is one of warming up by a real fire after a bracing country walk.

warm tiles for winter

Materia Viva

This hexagonal wood-effect tile with a strong mid-century feel works wonderfully with our Stile Libero. The soft chocolate brown from our Palissandro option is particularly good at creating a warm environment.

warm tiles for winter


Get a gentle rustic wood effect with this product – not a log cabin look, nor an engineered one, it has a unique feel that’s all its own.

warm tiles for winter


This offers wood, clay and stone effects in three different colours with a slightly rippled surface to soften an otherwise relatively hard look.

warm tiles for winter


This provides the simple appearance of slate, with a very textured appeal to lend a rustic edge which doesn’t ditch the temporary completely. For a warming natural look, team up with some Cozy tiles.

warm tiles for winter

We know that the 2018-19 winter is set to be a particularly cold one, with plenty of ice and snow forecast. Give your home a cosier feel so that no matter the weather, you’re always nice and toasty.