Circle Line is a handmade wall tile glazed with rich translucent colour. Three different surface patterns connect to create a playful wall finish with bold lines. Combine the pieces to make a  pattern for the eye to follow. Reminiscent of the ceramic murals on late 21st century buildings, this modern take on the bold ceramics of decades gone by, has a charm of its own.

The Circle Line pieces are handmade, capturing a natural warmth and imperfection impossible with industrial production. Because we use a heavily granular clay to make the tiles there is a lovely contrast with the glossy fluidity of the glaze finishes.

The versatile arrangements possible with Circle Line can easily create a modern Deco look. The modular surfaces can equally create a seventies science fiction feel. There are several set patterns that can help in planning easier, but the real strength of this series lays in the ability to create something truly unique.

Designed by Stuart Rodgers for Reed Harris.