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University Arms Hotel

University Arms Hotel

Architect: Martin Brudnizki. Design Studio

Location: Cambridge

Photography: Candour Creative

“When Martin Brudnizki Design Studio were designing the rooms for the refit of the iconic Cambridge University Arms Hotel, the bathrooms were purposefully based upon classic Edwardian styling, taking advantage of the abundance of natural light. Traditional White Octagon and Black Tozzetto flooring was combined with simple but bright 100 x 100mm White glazed wall tiles, laid broken bond and framed with a black grout. Reed Harris supplied nearly 7000 Square Metres of tiling for all 192 rooms and suites.

The brightness of the rooms accentuates all the details, and to complement the wall tiles a 150 x 150mm black sculpted satin skirting was used in conjunction with a bespoke 20mm bead created by one of the tile design studios that Reed Harris work with.

The size and profile of the bead was critical to the design, particularly as the rear cut edge would be visible where the bead extended above the half height tiling framing shower doors and in other specific areas within each room.

Since nothing was available as a standard production, it was created taking a 150 x 75mm unglazed Bullnose tile biscuit of the same thickness as the wall tile, which was cut to the required width and reglazed using a glaze designed to match that of the skirting tile. To enable it to be used as a stand-alone bead where the rear face was visible, the glaze encompassed the face and rear edge of the bead, also softening the appearance of the leading edge where the tile had been cut.

This small but vital detail completes the rooms, and along with many other aspects of the design throughout the hotel have seen the design by MBDS put forward for a number of prestigious design awards.” – Katy Li, Senior Designer at Martin Brudnizki Design Studio.