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Terrific Terrazzo

Reed Harris - Fragmenta

At Reed Harris, we are in love with terrazzo tiles! Terrazzo’s distinctive appearance and the versatility of its production means a terrazzo tile, whatever the colour or texture, is always the right choice.

What is a terrazzo tile?

Terrazzo tiles consist of chips of a suitable material such as marble, quartz or glass as examples, mixed with a cementitious substance to create its distinctive appearance. Versatile in nature, terrazzo tiles can come in a range of different colours, textures, sizes and shapes to allow it to fit into any design scheme while promoting a handmade vibe.


The origins

The appearance of terrazzo tiles, with its cementitious base, often brings forward images of industrial design; however, terrazzo has far more ancient roots. From the mosaic features of Egyptian history to ancient Italian architecture, terrazzo design can be viewed throughout the old world. The versatility of terrazzo meant that its method of manufacture fitted perfectly into the buildings of the industrial age, and now, with trends attempting to find a way of adding modern twists on a classic design, the versatility of terrazzo in terms of both colour and texture makes it the perfect tile for any current design project.



The production process

There are two ways of making terrazzo tiles: the traditional press method or casting. Chippings of choice are placed into a frame and a cementitious mixture, along with the colour, is poured over the top. The mixture is then pressed to remove any air pockets and to ensure the mixture is firmly bonded. The tile is then left to dry and, after the drying process is complete, the tile can be ground down to bring the chippings to the forefront. The tile can then be finished with the desired effect such as honed, polished or brushed. The casting method uses a large block mould which is then filled with aggregate. A resin, which includes both the chippings and dye, is then added. Once set the tiles can be cut to the desired size and shape.

The range

Both methods of manufacturing terrazzo tiles allow for a wide range of versatility to suit any decor project. Our tile experts at Reed Harris are particularly excited by the new neutrals surfacing in this year’s tiles trends. From millennial pinks to sage green, subtle tones are now replacing the neutral greys so popular in previous years. These new trends allow designers the opportunity to put additional twists on classic looks. Replacing traditional polished terrazzo tiles with a brushed effect instead can add to the modern translation of this ancient tiling technique.

Whether you are looking for a classical yet romantic tile resonating from ancient Italy, wishing to evoke more industrial vibes in your decor, or want to add a modern twist to something traditional, at Reed Harris Tiles, we believe terrazzo tiles, with their inherent versatility, are perfect for you. Our tile experts, with their excellent relationships with a number of suppliers, will either source the perfect tile for you or help you create the perfect bespoke tile for your needs. So if you are thinking tiles, think terrazzo!