Maison Noix

Available to view at Kings Road London, Bagleys Lane London


Maison Noix is a ceramic wall tile which has a beautifully luxurious translucent crackle glaze covering its surface. There are two different sized field tiles and two relief pattern tiles. The main feature of this elegant wall series are the two decor tiles. The geometric lines of the Pigalle decor hold pools of glaze that accent the texture perfectly. The more floral Marias decor has a delicate leaf motif. Maison Noix has glazed finishing pieces from skirting to quarter rounds to finish edges. Use the plain field tiles together with a patterned option to create an elegant bathroom. In fact, the two different sized field tiles can also be mixed together to create a dado or skirting. Use the single sized tiles in a brick bond format or as a grid. On the whole these are a truly beautiful choice for any project.

Fit this tile on:

Indoor walls including kitchen splash backs, shower and bathroom walls.

Surface finish options:

Glazed ceramic wall tile


Finishing pieces available for this tile:

Skirting tile
Quarter round edge tile
Dado rail to finish half tiling
Pencil tile to add detail line

Technical Information

  • Material
    Glazed ceramic
  • Thickness
  • Weight per Sqm
    200x100mm - 16.5 kg/m2200x200mm - 16 kg/m2Pigalle 200x200mm - 15.1 kg/m2Marais 200x200mm - 15.7 kg/m2
  • Variance
  • Use
    All internal walls
  • Installation
    We recommend that this product is bedded in a solid bed of polymer modified adhesive in accordance with BS5385: Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4. Treat crackle glazes with an appropriate sealer before grouting. Adhesive and grouts required may vary in relation to the specific nature of the installation, and proposed substrates. Please contact us for further information or technical specifications.