Shagreen White

Available to view at London King' s Road


Shagreen White is suitable for fitting on the wall or floor. This elegant shark or stingray skin became popular in the eighteenth century. It has a surge in popularity in the 20’s and 30’s where it was used due to its water repellent properties. As a result it made its way onto many personal grooming items and dressed luggage as a hard-wearing outer coat. More recently in the 1970’s during the popular revisiting of all things Art Deco, it had another outing, this time on furniture. It is a material that these days is less acceptable but happily here it is faithfully reproduced on a modern porcelain tile. We love this wonderfully authentic finish. Even though it is a material with a long history, Shagreen still works in a modern setting lending its luxurious looks to add a little understated glamour. Shagreen works particularly well when paired with some of our stone effect tiles. The look of the material contrast between the skin and stone is easy to live with and offers an elegant balance to any interior. As an added bonus the semi-polished finish on this tile has a surprisingly good slip resistance.

Fit Shagreen White on:
Indoor walls including kitchens, splashbacks, showers, bathrooms and outdoor walls.
Indoor floors with busy foot traffic including kitchens, bathrooms, cloakrooms, entrance halls, dining areas and living areas.

This is a porcelain tile with a glazed finish.

Surface finish options:
Semi Polished

Technical Information

  • Material
    Glazed Porcelain
  • Surface Choice
  • Thickness
  • Variance
  • Use
    Internal Walls and Floors

Slip Resistance

  • Surface Finish
  • DIN 51130