Rios 5504 Lead Grey

Available to view at Bagleys Lane London

Technical Information

  • Material
    Through bodied porcelain stoneware with Glazed finish
  • Surface Choice
    Matt, Anti Slip
  • Weight per Sqm
    300x300mm & 300x100mm: 14.74 kg /m2200x200mm, 200x100mm, 100x100mm 13.2 kg /m2
  • Variance
  • Use
    Walls – all internal / external walls Floors – residential and light commercial use Anti-slip tiles can be used for external areas and wet barefoot areas including swimming pool surrounds
  • Manufacturing Standard
    BS EN 14411G
  • Actual Sizes
    Please note that the dimensions stated for the Rios range are nominal and actual sizing will be 2-5mm less than the nominal size to allow for grout joints. Therefore setting out drawings need to reflect this tolerance in sizing.
  • Installation
    We recommend that this product is bedded in a solid bed of polymer modified adhesive in accordance with BS5385: Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4. In particular backgrounds must be completely flat to ensure Woodstock tiles can be fixed completely flush against the substrate. Woodstock must not be fitted with an offset greater than 30% of the tile length. Adhesive and grouts required may vary in relation to the specific nature of the installation, and proposed substrates. Please contact us for further information or technical specifications.

Slip Resistance

  • Surface Finish
  • Pendulum 55 Rubber Dry
  • Pendulum 55 Rubber Wet
  • Pendulum 96 Rubber Dry
  • Pendulum 96 Rubber Wet
  • Surface Finish
    Anti Slip
  • DIN 51130
  • DIN 51097
    A + B
  • Pendulum 55 Rubber Dry
  • Pendulum 55 Rubber Wet
  • Pendulum 96 Rubber Dry
  • Pendulum 96 Rubber Wet