Stitch takes familiar fabric patterns and marries these with modern porcelain tile production. Elements from architecture, intricate stone carving and a love of brutal concrete forms are used entirely or in part as influence in the motif arrangements. The pattern choice in this range is extremely flexible ranging from the pared down grid of Squat to the Art Deco charm of Duomo and Façade.

Each of the twenty one patterns creates its own rhythm, each constructed from the family of twelve shapes. Bold geometric patterns describe their design roots from the high-rises and housing of the seventies. In line rhythms with no variations, straight to the point and beautifully linear.

The colourways are from a limited palette of fifteen through body porcelain colours. Colour plays an important part in this series, being able to influence the perception of pattern, altering the way the eye travels and even the perspective effects. Each pattern works very easily in a plain colour, offering a subtlety that can be picked up with a coloured grout.

Grout lines are as important as the shapes they surround. Introducing colour into the space between the tiles is essential to the success of each pattern. A complimentary colour will add a punch to the finished surface where a harmonious tone will soften and blend. Where plain tiles are chosen, the grout join becomes the pattern so be as bold and bright as you dare.

Designed by Stuart Rodgers exclusively for Reed Harris.