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Porcelain Alternatives to Natural Materials

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Interior decorating purists may well feel that there’s no substitute to beat the outstanding appearance of natural marble or wood. However, a little research will highlight a variety of porcelain alternatives that replicate natural materials and can look just as good as the real thing.

What to consider when using the real marble and wood

Marble tiles and slabs look absolutely stunning when first installed. It is a porous material so will require sealing during installation to minimalise staining. If not maintained correctly the appearance of marble can deteriorate. Professional cleaning and resealing can sometimes be necessary, particularly in hard water areas where limescale build up can be a problem. So it is important to thoroughly clean surfaces on a regular basis to avoid this.

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A natural wood floor is warm and inviting but can potentially be susceptible to scratching due to its softness. It can also stain and absorb water so is therefore not a waterproof solution in wet areas. If you want the real thing but are concerned about maintenance why not have a look at the many porcelain effect tiles that we have to offer.

Benefits of marble-effect porcelain tiles

There are a number of high-quality marble-effect porcelain tiles available nowadays. They truly do offer a wonderful interpretation of real marble, even down to the veining. Once fitted, it can be quite difficult to identify the difference between marble-effect porcelain tiles and genuine marble.

porcelain alternatives to natural materials blog

Porcelain wood-effect tiles

We believe that porcelain wood-effect tiling is a durable alternative to real wood flooring or walls. These porcelain tiles have the appearance of real wood complete with beautiful grains and texture. They are an ideal waterproof solution for wet areas of homes or businesses. This wood-effect tiling won’t warp or stain in wet conditions, unlike genuine wood. Other benefits from┬áporcelain alternatives are that they don’t easily show dirt and can be used with all underfloor heating options.

porcelain alternatives to natural materials blog

Porcelain tiles are the perfect alternative to natural materials. They provide an easy care solution for busy homeowners and will look absolutely beautiful for many years. Porcelain tiles are available in a wide variety of designs and styles and offer a contemporary alternative to natural materials, providing a durable and affordable solution for stunning internal or exterior decor.

porcelain alternatives to natural materials blog

Reed Harris are proud to promote our range of marble and wood-effect porcelain tiles. Tile designs offer a variety of outstanding finishes that brilliantly replicate their real marble or genuine wood counterparts. Take the time to browse our entire range today to find out more.