Beige is Back

Moore Taupe

Beige, love it or hate it, the ubiquitous neutral from the last century is making a return to the fore. There is always room for a quietly balanced neutral in any interior and some highly successful spaces rely entirely on them.

Some of us lived through the beige obsession of last century, moved on to the more silvery shades of the millennium and more recently surrounded ourselves with utterly modern greige.

Beige has been gone so long that its stigma has worn off. Its name comes from the French word for natural wool which has been neither bleached nor dyed. A comfortable shade between a buff brown and greyish ivory. A new generation are ready to surround themselves with the comfort this neutral brings. An easy warmth, ready to pair with almost anything and a tone devoid of challenge, perfect visual calm.

Lombarda Sabbia Mix

For those of use that remember beige from our childhood, the return brings with it an inherent familiarity. There is so much happening in our world that a retreat into familiar comfort is easily understood.

Our living spaces, self-care spaces and more recently home working spaces, can all benefit from the calming touch of beige. Our top picks in this rejuvenated shade can work in each.

A little texture goes a long way when using neutrals and this very much remains the case when using beige. The shade itself is the benchmark for a safe colour choice, so adding a little detail to surfaces goes a long way.

Mimesis Avorio
Replay Concrete Sand

Our Beige Picks