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MissPrint Pop Up


Every year when September comes round London’s design scene is alive with activity as the annual Design Week kicks off. For us it’s one of our favourite times of year, as people from all sectors of the industry get together to showcase their latest and greatest. Hosting exciting events and collaborate on ambitious installations. This year we decided to put on a little event ourselves. We collaborated with the fabulous wallpaper producer MissPrint, and Mary Middleton from Hello Peagreen – a leading design and travel blog.

In order to give our showroom a fresh new look for the pop-up shop, we asked Mary to create a series of moodboards. Mary used a combination of our tiles and colour swatches, along with paints from Little Greene. This was all anchored by a MissPrint wallpaper for each moodboard. The completed schemes went into the various boxes that adorn our King’s Road showroom walls.

missprint pop-up

Mary did a stellar job and it wasn’t long before our showroom transformed into a bright and beautiful space. Fortunately for Mary, we’ve got a large range of samples. This gave her plenty of opportunity to get really creative. Mary picked out lot’s of tile designs to compliment the wallpapers and complete each box.

That’s not to say that we didn’t get involved in some of the fun as well. With Mary’s welcomed guidance, we styled up a series of schemes of our own. Mary got us to really think outside of the box – pun intended – forcing us to step outside our comfort zone. The schemes were based on the original theme of the existing moodboards but with a healthy injection of mid-century and scandinavian design. Having the wallpapers from MissPrint at the back of each box gave us something to focus on as the centre for each scheme. In the end we were very happy with the results and felt that the boxes flowed really well together. There was a clear synergy between them all which gave the overall wall a fabulously succinct look.

missprint pop-up

Another fun thing that we did was to ask our audience to come into the King’s Road showroom and create a moodboard of their own. Anyone who came could start fresh with one of the boxes. Using all the products we had available, they could leave their own personal mark on the wall. The best would also be in for a chance to win one of the fabulous MissPrint cushions we had on display!

We had so much fun at our pop-up and it was such a pleasure to collaborate with Hello Peagreen and MissPrint. Our showroom looked absolutely gorgeous and we loved the results of the collaboration. So much so that we’ve kept most of the boxes up! Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations to come in the future.