University Arms Hotel

Architect: Martin Brudnizki. Design Studio

Location: Cambridge

Photography: Candour Creative

“When Martin Brudnizki Design Studio were designing the rooms for the refit of the iconic Cambridge University Arms Hotel, the bathrooms were purposefully based upon classic Edwardian styling, taking advantage of the abundance of natural light. Traditional White Octagon and Black Tozzetto flooring was combined with simple but bright 100 x 100mm White glazed wall tiles, laid broken bond and framed with a black grout. Reed Harris supplied nearly 7000 Square Metres of tiling for all 192 rooms and suites.

The brightness of the rooms accentuates all the details, and to complement the wall tiles a 150 x 150mm black sculpted satin skirting was used in conjunction with a bespoke 20mm bead created by one of the tile design studios that Reed Harris work with.

The size and profile of the bead was critical to the design, particularly as the rear cut edge would be visible where the bead extended above the half height tiling framing shower doors and in other specific areas within each room.

Since nothing was available as a standard production, it was created taking a 150 x 75mm unglazed Bullnose tile biscuit of the same thickness as the wall tile, which was cut to the required width and reglazed using a glaze designed to match that of the skirting tile. To enable it to be used as a stand-alone bead where the rear face was visible, the glaze encompassed the face and rear edge of the bead, also softening the appearance of the leading edge where the tile had been cut.

This small but vital detail completes the rooms, and along with many other aspects of the design throughout the hotel have seen the design by MBDS put forward for a number of prestigious design awards.” – Katy Li, Senior Designer at Martin Brudnizki Design Studio.

Reed Harris - Stile Libero

Stile Libero is inspired by the sedimentary rock Ceppo di Grè, which has been part of the Lombard architectural tradition since Roman times. Its extensive use as a building stone or decorative architectural element can be attributed to its durability and weather resistance. The name derives from the word “Cepp”, which in the Milanese dialect means rock with pebbles. In the early 1900s modern production methods arrived at the Gré quarries. This lead to an increase in the availability of the material. The warm tones of the grey Ceppo di Grè were widely quarried from the Stump of the Adda and the Brembo. Nowadays the stone is only extracted in the province of Bergamo, on the north-western shore of Lake Iseo.

Reed Harris – Stile Libero

Production of Ceppo di Grè was at its peak in the mid-century and this stone has become synonymous with modern architecture of the period. Our Stile Libero range of porcelain floor and wall tiles, faithfully reproduce the pebble marking of Ceppo di Grè. The three shades of warm grey are all derived from the original stone variations.

Reed Harris – Stile Libero

Stile Libero has tremendous charm that easily pairs with a wide variety of design ideas. From the ever popular Scandi-chic, to the authentic mid-century right, this range is the perfect choice for you. This commercial quality porcelain much like the stone it derives its name from, will certainly withstand plenty of wear and tear. Given that the translation of the name is Freestyle, this really is a finish with endless possibilities.

What works with Stile Libero?

The world is your oyster as far as we are concerned with Stile Libero. Here are a few of our top choices that will sit comfortably with the pebbled stone effect looks of Stile Libero.

Stile Libero meets Cozy

Reed Harris – Cozy

An informal pairing that uses the contrast of material finishes. Both Stile Libero and Cozy have an inherent warmth to the colour selection giving this collaboration an inviting and laid-back feel.

Stile Libero meets Materia Viva

Reed Harris – Materia Viva

This pairing has a strong mid-century feel, with the warmth and markings of the stone look contrasting beautifully with the linear veneer of Materia Viva. Use them on walls or floors and compliment them with a vast array of paint colour or wallpaper.

Stile Libero meets Bolle

Bolle is a wonderful hand glazed wall tile with a crystalline flair in the glaze. The depth of colour in the glazes creates a contemporary craft look which is grounded perfectly by Stile Libero.

Now you know why we love Stile Libero, we hope you have fallen for it too. Find sizing and technical details for Stile Libero on our website, where samples are available to order.




Reed Harris - Materia Viva

Using Veneer is a method in woodworking to make the use of rare woods more economical. Early examples of veneer were used by the ancient Egyptians, who used expensive and rare wood veneers over cheaper timbers to produce furniture and sarcophagi.

Reed Harris – Materia Viva

Materia Viva takes the markings of Zebrano veneer and brings them into the 21st century on a medium sized porcelain hexagon. Veneer would never be a practical finish to have on the floor or even use in wet areas. This compact trio of colours makes the look available in places where it would not normally possible. The nature of the pattern twinned with the hexagonal shape make Materia Viva a great choice for making smaller spaces feel larger. There is no grid effect with grout joints and the markings mix and distract to make a blanket of pattern.

Reed Harris – Materia Viva

This may not be an obvious choice when seen as an individual tile, but this ten-pattern mix could very well be the best choice for your next tiling project.


What works with Materia Viva?

There is something of a Mid Century air about Materia Viva and popping an Eames Lounger on top will only cement this look. There is a freedom to the ‘Living Matter’ which needs a little grounding with the other finishes around it, so here are three of our favourite ideas for pairing with this vibrant wood effect.


Materia Viva meets Modernist

A wonderful patterned match for a thoroughly modern affair in the modern tradition. The bold terrazzo looks of Modernist balance the linear strokes of Materia Viva perfectly. Neither of these tiles are shy and together they sing with a mid-century modern edge. Need Mid Century inspiration? Look no further.


Materia Viva meets Brooklyn

Reed Harris – Brooklyn

Our glossy wall tile Brooklyn works beautifully with the medium sized hexagon. Brooklyn contrasts Materia Viva in both texture and finish with its bumpy gloss surface. An easy and comfortable pairing, Brooklyn can be fixed to the wall in a variety of layouts with herringbone still a favourite in smaller rooms.


Materia Viva meets Cliffstone

Reed Harris Cliffstone

Cliffstone makes a great neutral choice with its gentle limestone markings to allow Materia Viva to stand out as a feature. With both tiles being suitable for either wall or floor, the possibilities for fitting these two together are boundless.


Now you know why we love Materia Viva, we hope you have fallen for it too. Find sizing and technical details for Materia Viva on our website, where samples are available to order.

Christmas round-up blog

We can’t really believe it but 2018 is nearly over and what a whirlwind of a year it’s been! We’ve held multiple pop-up shops, including a kaleidoscopic one with Amelia Carter. And recently a beautifully styled one with MissPrint and Hello Peagreen. Both were brilliant successes and we can’t wait to collaborate with more talented people in the future.

We also embarked on our annual trip to Cersaie where we got a glimpse at the upcoming designs expected to dominate in 2019. To our pleasant surprise we were presented with an abundance of colour! Far from the acres of grey tiles seen in previous. If Cersaie is anything to go by 2019 looks likely to be a year filled with bold colour and interesting shapes!

Christmas round-up blog

Later in the year we launched our brand new website! With a smart search function and a sleek new look, the launch was a great success. To go with our new website, we’ve also published a wealth of blogs including Terrific Terrazzo, Biophilic Design and the fantastic Porcelain Alternatives to Natural Materials.

Christmas round-up blog

We’d like to finish by saying thank you for your amazing support this year. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Have a wonderful festive break and we’ll see you in 2019!

warm tiles for winter

At Reed Harris, we’ve always been huge fans of natural materials such as stone and wood (and their porcelain alternatives) as a superb way of adding warmth to a space.

These kinds of materials bring numerous benefits to any home, and we previously mentioned this, too, in another blog, which looked at biophilic design, or the offering of a reconnection with nature through the use of naturally sourced or nature inspired materials.

Thankfully, nowadays there’s a fantastic wide range of products available which will bring warmth to a home without the cost usually found with stone and wood options.

With our warm tiles for winter, you can start to create a super-cosy space that you will love coming home to.

Here are some of our products that allow you to do just that:

Stile Libero

This offers very ‘busy’ stone markings in three shades of warm grey. The vibe is one of warming up by a real fire after a bracing country walk.

warm tiles for winter

Materia Viva

This hexagonal wood-effect tile with a strong mid-century feel works wonderfully with our Stile Libero. The soft chocolate brown from our Palissandro option is particularly good at creating a warm environment.

warm tiles for winter


Get a gentle rustic wood effect with this product – not a log cabin look, nor an engineered one, it has a unique feel that’s all its own.

warm tiles for winter


This offers wood, clay and stone effects in three different colours with a slightly rippled surface to soften an otherwise relatively hard look.

warm tiles for winter


This provides the simple appearance of slate, with a very textured appeal to lend a rustic edge which doesn’t ditch the temporary completely. For a warming natural look, team up with some Cozy tiles.

warm tiles for winter

We know that the 2018-19 winter is set to be a particularly cold one, with plenty of ice and snow forecast. Give your home a cosier feel so that no matter the weather, you’re always nice and toasty.

Reed Harris - Cersaie

Cersaie is an annual industry event that everyone at Reed Harris loves to attend. Our expert team go along each year to see what new tile design trends are being developed. This not only keeps us up to date with the latest industry news but also allows us to pass this onto our customers.

Cersaie 2018 highlights – a different feel

This is always a brilliant event to attend but this year had a very different feel. Instead of the usual grey or beige tiles on show, there was a real emphasis on colour and shapes. The stand-out colours that our team saw were lovely teal, stunning rose and warm terracotta bricks. A new attitude to tile shapes seemed to be present at this year’s Cersaie also. From triangles to diamonds and hexagons, there was a really fresh approach in this area.

What else did Cersaie 2018 have to offer?

With so much to see, it was more a case of what it didn’t offer. Floral patterns on small tiles were a great example of this – being on the smaller sized tile really made the floral element suitable for any space. Mixing plain and patterned tiles for total impact was something that our team saw a lot of as well. There was lots of interesting textures to take in too – this looks a popular trend still and is one that can really add some tactile fun to any room. Monochrome was also on show at Cersaie again this year, a tile effect we still love.

Handmade styles could be the next big thing

One thing that the Reed Harris team noticed a lot of this year was a move towards more traditional handmade style tiles. This seemed to involve using terracotta or terrazzo to craft stunning artisan type products. Terrazzo, in particular, seemed very much in – this includes porcelain terrazzo effect styles and also ones made from real terrazzo.

The porcelain style tile was one that really caught our eye. One amazing thing with these tiles is that they can be grouted within the lines for a fabulous textured look. In addition, they can be mixed together to create various patterns and shapes on your wall.

Large format porcelain tiles were also something that we liked the look of. These are able to replicate the look of natural materials like marble in amazing new ways whilst being easy to look after.

Cersaie 2018 – a great event

There is no doubt that this year’s Cersaie was a fantastic event full of new shapes, colours and ideas. We are looking forward to using some of what we saw to give our customers the best choice of the freshest tiles around. Browse our website today to find the perfect tiles for your wall.

Reed Harris - Connection

Interior decorating purists may well feel that there’s no substitute to beat the outstanding appearance of natural marble or wood. However, a little research will highlight a variety of porcelain alternatives that replicate natural materials and can look just as good as the real thing.

What to consider when using the real marble and wood

Marble tiles and slabs look absolutely stunning when first installed. It is a porous material so will require sealing during installation to minimalise staining. If not maintained correctly the appearance of marble can deteriorate. Professional cleaning and resealing can sometimes be necessary, particularly in hard water areas where limescale build up can be a problem. So it is important to thoroughly clean surfaces on a regular basis to avoid this.

porcelain alternatives to natural materials blog

A natural wood floor is warm and inviting but can potentially be susceptible to scratching due to its softness. It can also stain and absorb water so is therefore not a waterproof solution in wet areas. If you want the real thing but are concerned about maintenance why not have a look at the many porcelain effect tiles that we have to offer.

Benefits of marble-effect porcelain tiles

There are a number of high-quality marble-effect porcelain tiles available nowadays. They truly do offer a wonderful interpretation of real marble, even down to the veining. Once fitted, it can be quite difficult to identify the difference between marble-effect porcelain tiles and genuine marble.

porcelain alternatives to natural materials blog

Porcelain wood-effect tiles

We believe that porcelain wood-effect tiling is a durable alternative to real wood flooring or walls. These porcelain tiles have the appearance of real wood complete with beautiful grains and texture. They are an ideal waterproof solution for wet areas of homes or businesses. This wood-effect tiling won’t warp or stain in wet conditions, unlike genuine wood. Other benefits from porcelain alternatives are that they don’t easily show dirt and can be used with all underfloor heating options.

porcelain alternatives to natural materials blog

Porcelain tiles are the perfect alternative to natural materials. They provide an easy care solution for busy homeowners and will look absolutely beautiful for many years. Porcelain tiles are available in a wide variety of designs and styles and offer a contemporary alternative to natural materials, providing a durable and affordable solution for stunning internal or exterior decor.

porcelain alternatives to natural materials blog

Reed Harris are proud to promote our range of marble and wood-effect porcelain tiles. Tile designs offer a variety of outstanding finishes that brilliantly replicate their real marble or genuine wood counterparts. Take the time to browse our entire range today to find out more.


Every year when September comes round London’s design scene is alive with activity as the annual Design Week kicks off. For us it’s one of our favourite times of year, as people from all sectors of the industry get together to showcase their latest and greatest. Hosting exciting events and collaborate on ambitious installations. This year we decided to put on a little event ourselves. We collaborated with the fabulous wallpaper producer MissPrint, and Mary Middleton from Hello Peagreen – a leading design and travel blog.

In order to give our showroom a fresh new look for the pop-up shop, we asked Mary to create a series of moodboards. Mary used a combination of our tiles and colour swatches, along with paints from Little Greene. This was all anchored by a MissPrint wallpaper for each moodboard. The completed schemes went into the various boxes that adorn our King’s Road showroom walls.

missprint pop-up

Mary did a stellar job and it wasn’t long before our showroom transformed into a bright and beautiful space. Fortunately for Mary, we’ve got a large range of samples. This gave her plenty of opportunity to get really creative. Mary picked out lot’s of tile designs to compliment the wallpapers and complete each box.

That’s not to say that we didn’t get involved in some of the fun as well. With Mary’s welcomed guidance, we styled up a series of schemes of our own. Mary got us to really think outside of the box – pun intended – forcing us to step outside our comfort zone. The schemes were based on the original theme of the existing moodboards but with a healthy injection of mid-century and scandinavian design. Having the wallpapers from MissPrint at the back of each box gave us something to focus on as the centre for each scheme. In the end we were very happy with the results and felt that the boxes flowed really well together. There was a clear synergy between them all which gave the overall wall a fabulously succinct look.

missprint pop-up

Another fun thing that we did was to ask our audience to come into the King’s Road showroom and create a moodboard of their own. Anyone who came could start fresh with one of the boxes. Using all the products we had available, they could leave their own personal mark on the wall. The best would also be in for a chance to win one of the fabulous MissPrint cushions we had on display!

We had so much fun at our pop-up and it was such a pleasure to collaborate with Hello Peagreen and MissPrint. Our showroom looked absolutely gorgeous and we loved the results of the collaboration. So much so that we’ve kept most of the boxes up! Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations to come in the future.

Reed Harris - Woodstock

Porcelain wood effect tiles have come a long way in recent years, meaning the latest renditions can be, in many cases almost indistinguishable from their natural counterpart. There is nothing quite like the real thing of course, but there are times when using a porcelain alternative could be the best option for you.

Porcelain vs Real Wood – 5 reasons to choose porcelain.

The hard-wearing alternative

If you are looking for a hard-wearing floor that will last you for decades, we think that you should consider porcelain tiles. They are incredibly durable and are particularly useful for use in heavy traffic areas such as hallways and kitchens. The tiles won’t scratch or easily mark like real wood flooring so you can stay calm when entertaining large groups of people in the knowledge your beautiful floor won’t be harmed! When it comes to installation, porcelain wood effect tiles are easy to install and due to their naturally non-porous nature they don’t need sealing.

Will not fade

Real wooden flooring looks gorgeous during the first year or so, but over time it will slowly begin to weather and fade from things like the sun, foot traffic, liquid spills and more. Many people do enjoy this feature of real wood floors and some of the most beautiful floors are ones that have been slowly weathered over time. If you’re not one of these people and you want your floor to remain in tip top condition for years to come, porcelain wood effect tiles are the right choice for you.

Versatility of design

If you chose to use porcelain wood rather than real wood, the choice is endless. Manufacturers are producing all sorts of interpretations of wood designs, allowing so many design options. If you’re looking for a contemporary sleek finish or maybe a rustic wood effect floor with an aged finish, we’ve got the solution for you. You can even have herringbone or chevron designs, so whatever the style of your property, there’s a style to match it.

Low maintenance

We all lead busy lives and none of us want to spend hours cleaning and maintaining our floors. The good news is that porcelain floor tiles are incredibly low maintenance. Simply give them a quick sweep and mop and they’ll soon be as good as new. Installation is straightforward and there’s no sealing required either.

Reed Harris – Cozy


Finally, one huge benefit of swapping your wood flooring for tiles is that they can be placed in the bathroom or kitchen with confidence, as they are waterproof. No more worrying about that leaking washing machine, burst pipes or how an overflowing bath may damage your natural wood floor!

Reed Harris – Making it work;

Reed Harris has a wide variety of wood effect tiles in both porcelain. To find out more, please do browse our website today.