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Stracciatella hexagon tiles are a bright and colourful way to introduce pattern on the wall or floor. Each of the colour options in this series share the same base pattern. Multicoloured chips of colour form the background in a tutti frutti terrazzo effect. Because of this, the brushed colour accents may mix for a colourful random effect. Each colour options has a brushed shape across or on the edge of the tiles. The coloured accents are supplied from a randomly selected set of design.

Stracciatella hexagon tiles are surprisingly easy to pair with other colours and materials. Because the mix of colour in the background is so broad, it is easy to pick a colour take further. Pair these bright hexagon tiles with glazed ceramic wall tiles for a joyful and fun interior. In contrast, sit Stracciatella with a wood effect porcelain for a softer yet playful pairing.