Novelda Legate Zelige Verde Hierbo

Novelda Legate Verde Hierba





Gloss Glaze

About Novelda Legate Verde Hierba

Novelda Legate Verde Hierba stands as a testament to the timeless allure of zelige, encapsulating the essence of Moroccan craftsmanship within its glazed ceramic tiles. Drawing inspiration from Moroccan artisans, this collection resonates with the authentic charm of handmade tradition. Each tile bears the impression of artisanal dedication, faithfully reproducing the vibrant hues that define the zelige style. With Novelda Legate Verde Hierba, transforming any space into a captivating oasis of colour and texture becomes effortlessly achievable. These tiles serve as versatile canvases, inviting creative exploration and expression. Whether adorning a kitchen backsplash, accentuating a bathroom wall, or embellishing a fireplace surround, the possibilities for elevating interior aesthetics are boundless.

Novelda Legate Verde Hierba Features

Glazed Ceramic
Not Required
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