Lina Blanco

Lina Blanco






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About Lina Blanco

Lina Blanco is a contemporary classic craquelure glazed ceramic wall tile. These wall tiles have a hand finished look, enhanced through the craquelure glazing technique. Craquelure glazing is a process that creates a network of fine cracks in the glaze. This gives the tiles a unique and visually appealing appearance.

The Lina Blanco tiles are ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms. The variant shades of the tiles are easy to match with other bathroom and kitchen fixtures. These tiles are also durable and once sealed, easy to care for. These tiles make a practical choice for either wet or dry areas.

In addition to the square and brick formats, the Lina Blanco tiles are also available in a variety of other sizes and shapes. This allows you to create a truly custom look for your project. A full set of finishing pieces are also available in matching glaze colours, so you can complete your project with ease.

Lina Blanco Features

Glazed Ceramic
Seal before grouting and again after.
Shade Variation:

Special Pieces

Lina Blanco Mosaic 30.5x30.5cm
Lina Blanco Mosaic 30.5×30.5cm
Lina Bullnose Trim Blanco 20x0.85cm
Lina Bullnose Trim Blanco 20×0.85cm
Lina Bullnose Trim Blanco 15x0.85cm
Lina Bullnose Trim Blanco 15×0.85cm
Lina Cornice Classico Blanco 20x5cm
Lina Cornice Classico Blanco 20x5cm
Lina Listello Classico Blanco 15x1.7cm
Lina Listello Classico Blanco 15×1.7cm
Lina Cornice Classico Blanco 15x3.5cm
Lina Cornice Classico Blanco 15×3.5cm
Lina Cornice Classico Blanco 15x7.5cm
Lina Cornice Classico Blanco 15×7.5cm
Lina Blanco Classico Skirting 15x15cm
Lina Blanco Classico Skirting 15x15cm
Lina Trenza Blanco 15x2.5cm
Lina Trenza Blanco 15×2.5cm
Lina Cubrecanto Blanco 15x2.5cm
Lina Cubrecanto Blanco 15×2.5cm
Lina Blanco Relieve Classico 15x7.5cm
Lina Blanco Relieve Classico 15×7.5cm
Lina Blanco Biselado Mosaic 30.5x30.5cm
Lina Blanco Biselado Mosaic 30.5×30.5cm