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About Gouache

Gouache presents a versatile selection of 97x97mm tiles, boasting a palette of 30 vibrant hues. Crafted from high-quality coloured porcelain, these tiles emulate the richness and depth reminiscent of their namesake medium, featuring a smooth matte finish. Each colour option is available in two distinct surface finishes to cater to diverse application needs.

The first finish offers a soft matte texture with a subtle sheen, making it ideal for wall installations, pool liners, or dry indoor flooring areas. Its gentle lustre adds a touch of sophistication while maintaining a uniform appearance. Conversely, the second finish provides a flat matte surface with enhanced slip resistance, ensuring safety on wet area floors without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Both finishes offer even tones, allowing for seamless integration into various design schemes.

Gouache tiles are perfect for creating dynamic visual effects, whether applied to walls or floors, by employing colour blocking techniques. The interplay of colours and the subtle texture of grout lines add depth and dimension, offering a tactile experience that contrasts with the monotony of plain surfaces. This unique approach serves as an antidote to conventional design norms, infusing spaces with character and visual interest.

Moreover, the versatile colour range of Gouache tiles allows for the creation of bespoke patterns, enabling a personalized touch in every application. Formal patterns can be meticulously crafted, offering endless possibilities for customization. Particularly noteworthy is their suitability for pool installations, where the expansive surfaces provide a canvas to showcase intricate patterns with striking clarity and precision. In essence, Gouache transcends the conventional boundaries of tile design, offering a blend of artistic expression and practical functionality. Whether utilized in residential or commercial settings, these tiles serve as a medium for creativity, transforming spaces into vibrant expressions of individual style and vision.