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About Florence

Florence is a sleek series of glazed ceramic wall tiles that seamlessly blend classic charm with a modern edge. The standout feature of this collection lies in its meticulously scored vertical lines on the tile face, creating a distinctive finger mosaic effect when fitted. The precise scoring on each tile’s face adds a play of light and shadow, lending depth and texture to any space they grace.

Florence is a bold style statement. The finger mosaic pattern transforms plain walls into visually striking features, making a lasting impression in kitchens, bathrooms, or living spaces. Constructed from high-quality glazed ceramic, the Florence series not only impresses visually but also stands up to the test of time with its durability and easy maintenance. The glazed finish enhances colour richness, ensuring a long-lasting vibrancy.

Bring a touch of interest to your walls with this exceptional series of glazed ceramic tiles. The Florence collection allows every room to showcase your unique style, emphasizing a blend of contemporary design and lasting craftsmanship.