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About Farrell

The Farrell porcelain stoneware collection is a sophisticated and intellectual choice for floors, partitions, and walls. The collection is based on a profound and reflective concept that favours a sense of continuity between floor and wall. The result is an infinite pattern of colour contrasts.
The colour palette of the Farrell collection offers sophisticated, powdery tones ranging from neutral white and black to the warm nuances of terracotta and reassuring and reflective shades of green and blue. The colours in the Farrell collection are designed to guarantee ultimate mix and match versatility. They reach their highest level of expression in Base 9 and Base 3, where the shapes of 9 squares and 3 rows merge from the grid, like small windows opening onto unknown worlds.
The Farrell porcelain stoneware collection is the perfect choice for those who want to create a stylish and sophisticated space. The Farrell collection is also easy to maintain, so you can enjoy your beautiful new space for years to come.

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