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About Eero Greige

Eero Greige wall tiles are a modern and stylish way to add a touch of fun and personality to your walls. The collection features two pattern pieces and a solid coloured plain. These combine to create a variety of bold and dynamic patterns. The lightly embossed glazed ceramic pattern tiles have the coloured design sitting over the base colour Vapor. This creates a subtle but eye-catching contrast that adds depth and dimension to the tiles. Eero Greige wall tiles are great in any room, but they are particularly well-suited for a kitchen or bathroom. The patterns are versatile enough to work in a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary. The durable glazed ceramic construction makes them easy to clean and maintain. If you're looking for a way to add a touch of fun and personality to your project, Eero Greige wall tiles are a great option. They're stylish, durable, and easy to care for and with their eighties inspired design, they're sure to turn heads.

Eero Greige Features

Glazed Ceramic
Not Required
Shade Variation:

Special Pieces

Eero Twist Vapor Grey 12.5x12.5cm
Eero Twist Vapor Grey 12.5×12.5cm
Eero Er Vapor Grey 12.5x12.5cm
Eero Er Vapor Grey 12.5×12.5cm
Eero Grey 12.5x12.5cm
Eero Grey 12.5×12.5cm
Eero Vapor 12.5x12.5cm
Eero Vapor 12.5×12.5cm

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