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About Chateau

Chateau is a collection of porcelain tiles inspired by the natural Pierre de Bourgogne stone, a material that has been used in French architecture for centuries. The tiles are available in four subtle colours and multiple modular sizes, making them a versatile and stylish option for any home.

Chateau tiles are high-quality porcelain, which makes them durable and easy to maintain. They are also slip-resistant, making them a safe choice for use in wet areas. The tiles are also scratch-resistant and stain-resistant, making them a low-maintenance option.

These tiles are inspired by the natural beauty of Pierre de Bourgogne stone, but they also have a contemporary feel. They have slight, irregular marks that recall fossil shells, and delicate variations in colour. These features give the tiles a natural look and authenticity. Combined with the contemporary colours and surface details, these tiles make a stylish option for any project.

Chateau tiles are the perfect choice for those who are looking for a durable, stylish, and versatile tile that will add a touch of rustic luxury to their project.

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