Brandt Amalfi Blend

Brandt Amalfi Blend






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About Brandt Amalfi Blend

Brandt Amalfi Blend glass mosaic is an excellent choice for lining a swimming pool. First and foremost, the aesthetic appeal is undeniable. Glass mosaic tile blends have a dazzling array of colours. These create a stunning visual effect that transforms your pool. Whether you want a serene, blue lagoon or a vibrant, tropical vibe, glass mosaics can deliver. Beyond beauty, glass mosaics are incredibly durable. They resist the harsh effects of UV rays and pool chemicals, maintaining their vibrant colour and smooth surface for years. Moreover, Brandt Amalfi Blend glass mosaics are non-porous, which makes them an excellent hygienic choice for pool linings. They do not absorb water or harbour bacteria and algae, making maintenance a breeze. A quick scrub now and then keeps them looking pristine, and you can rest assured that your pool remains a safe and clean environment. Finally, the installation of glass mosaics will follow any shape or design, fitting perfectly around curves and corners. This versatility ensures that no matter the size or style of your pool, glass mosaics can suit your needs, providing a flawless finish every time.

Brandt Amalfi Blend Features

Glass Mosaic
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