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Biophilic Design

In today’s modern housing world we are seeing less of nature and more industrials-style builds. Our homes showcase the very latest technologies and very often new developments spring up in areas where there are no signs of grass, trees or plants. Our souls and psyches are being starved of all things natural. Thus we need to find our way back to nature, and one way of doing so is through biophilic design.

What is biophilic design?

The term biophilia was coined by the psychologist Edward O. Wilson in the mid-eighties. Biophilia is the need for humans to possess a connection with nature. Without that connection, we are supposedly more prone to feelings of depression and anxiety. Connection can be achieved through the close proximity and interaction with animals, plants and the wider natural world. For example, walking through a forest, hearing the birds sing or watching waves break on the shore.

Biophilic Design uses these ideas as principles to create a human centred approach that when applied improves many of the spaces that we live and work in today, with numerous benefits to our health and well-being. This includes using natural materials, indoor plants, water features and natural shapes. Images or illustrations of nature are also effective.

The benefits of biophilic design

Incorporating a biophilic design into your indoor and outdoor living space can be hugely beneficial to both your mental and physical health. Surrounding yourself at home with plants, materials and items that remind you of nature will instantly calm the mind and help improve well-being and mental health. This sense of fulfilment and relaxation can help to improve your cardiovascular health and lower your blood pressure.

How to use tiles in a biophilic design scheme

In this case we’ll use the bathroom as an example. When it comes to designing your bathroom or shower room, you can use tiles to help with your biophilic design scheme. Tiles that depict animals or plants are ideal for this purpose. Reed Harris’ Jungle tiles are perfect for creating a relaxing, nature-themed environment to soak in. These vibrant tiles can make a calming focal point in any bathroom space. Throw in some blue or yellow tiles to maximise the effect.

Another fabulous idea for a biophilia-themed bathroom is to use stone or wood effect tiles like our Blend range. These tiles are great since they’ll give the impression of a wood floor or wall but without the hassle of a real one! Alternatively, you could use mirrored tiles to reflect plants within the bathroom and to give the impression of an open, expansive space.

Reed Harris has a range of tiles that can perfectly integrate into your biophilic bathroom design. Get in touch with us today if you’re interested in adding a touch of nature into your home.