Stairs are an essential part of any multi floor building and as much as they serve a purpose, they also offer an opportunity to make a statement. There are so many parts to consider, each with its own set of options. Whether you are opting for the full kit with inner and outer stringers, or looking for a lighter than air open riser design. We are here to help you with the more practical aspects of making your design come to life. Drop us a line and we will be happy to run through what we can do.

Stone Stairs

Stone / Agglomerate Stairs

Marble, limestone, granite and man-made agglomerate materials are the go to choice for a hardwearing and beautiful finish. Whether gracing the lobby of a hotel or office foyer, stone has such a variety of options there will always be something to fit perfectly into any scheme. We can offer a broad selection of marbles, limestone, granite and agglomerate materials.

Porcelain Stairs

Porcelain Stairs

Porcelain is easily the simplest material to maintain for those heavily used commercial areas. Railway stations, airports, in fact any busy transport hub is the ideal home for a porcelain steps. With its high resistance to wear and ability to shrug off stains, porcelain is an easy choice for the hustle and bustle of modern life. Many of our porcelain tile ranges have stair tread options. In the odd case where they do not, we are always able to arrange for a custom cut to suit your design.

Vision Strips & Inlays

Not every stair needs a grip or vision strip but for those that do we can offer a fair few options to keep people sure footed between floors. For the modernist maybe a triple metal strip in brass will do the job or even a contrasting stone to highlight the drop. For the strictly practical maybe a carborundum strip for a high performance grip or something playful and bright with a mosaic inlay to show the way.