Branding has become a marketing science and its backbone is a consistent message in all communication material. We understand the value of colour and how much it is an important part of a brand story. This along with the ability to produce an accurate reproduction of logo, font and imagery onto tile or porcelain slab, is what gives us the expertise to support you and your clients visual identity on our hard surface materials.

Image Reproduction on Porcelain

Our porcelain slabs can be custom finished in sizes up to 3000x1500mm for wall applications. We are able to take your high resolution image, pattern or logo and reproduce it onto porcelain with a coat of resin to seal. Provided the image resolution is high enough, a single image can cover an entire slab or run across several slabs to be mounted together. For smaller areas a pattern can be applied to the slab that is then cut down into the desired tile size for a more straightforward experience onsite.

Custom Colouring

Colour is a borderless language that we all understand. In some cases it is able to communicate a brand without the need for words. If applying colour to porcelain is too formal an approach, we can arrange for colours to be matched in glazes. These glazes can be fired onto a rustic terracotta tile body or even onto volcanic lava, producing anything from flat matt to jewel bright translucent colour. With any fired material some variance from tile to tile will occur, so this method offers a much more organic feel to our colour matching service. This is a much more earthy approach to the more digitised porcelain production. We will be happy to pop by with samples for you to see the results of each method.

For outdoor and flooring applications sand-blasting into stone may offer the best results for a longstanding finish. From store signage to reception floor, we can arrange for logo or emblem to be reproduced in a variety of ways. The most straightforward is sand-blasting, offering a tonal contrast to recreate type or emblem. Most effective on darker granites, see our House of Fraser project for the finished look. For indoor wall applications where colour is an important factor, our custom porcelain slab may offer the right result.

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting

Our waterjet cutting service opens up a huge scope for making unique and beautiful floor coverings, with or without the addition of a logo or lettering. We can re-manufacture porcelain, stone slab, terrazzo or cement to suit your design. Our only limitation is the native size of the product being cut. For a tough and durable finish our porcelain products are possibly the best place to start, ideally suited to areas with heavy or continuous foot traffic, these tiles offer the broadest range of colour with unmatched wear resistance. For a more elegant or opulent look, marble offers an inherent luxury that porcelain rarely achieves. Need a replica of the Pantheon floor scaled to fit your space? Drop us a line.

Mosaic Design

The Romans were a dab hand at this decorative technique and as much as we are not from the banks of the Tiber, our mosaic skills are not to be sniffed at. Over the years we have made many a company identity from mosaic. There is nothing quite like the depth of colour and artisan feel of having a brand remade in mosaic. For less literal interpretations of company identity we can compose custom blended mosaic using brand colours, much like we did for Marks and Spencer Foods. Talk to us about how mosaic may work for you project.